Back Sleeper

What is a Good Pillow for Neck Pain?

If you suffer from neck pain, you know it is the worst feeling. There are probably many days where you wake up with a terrible pain in your neck. There are most likely many nights when you cannot fall asleep because of your neck pain. The position in which you sleep may be causing or adding to the pain and stiffness you feel. Those who sleep on their stomach may suffer from the most neck pain. Sleeping on your back or side may help to reduce neck pain. You also need the right pillow that can support and protect your neck, while fitting the natural curve of your neck. If you are a back sleeper, you want a pillow that supports and aligns your neck while keeping you comfortable in your sleep.

A pillow for back sleepers is about 6 inches in height. A back sleeper needs a pillow with a higher loft than someone that sleeps on their stomach and a lower loft than someone that sleeps on their side. A pillow for back sleepers keeps your spine aligned without making it arch too far up and preventing it from sinking in too much. If you are a back sleeper, you need a pillow that is thicker and will not flatten while you are sleeping.

Cotton, down, and down alternative pillows may not be the best for back sleepers because they compress while sleeping and need to be refluffed. A gel foam pillow remains solid and will not need refluffing. These pillows should not flatten during the night while you are sleeping. You might want a pillow that has supports you can add or remove allowing you to change the loft and firmness of the pillow to your individual needs and likes. Your weight and size does impact the type of loft and firmness of a pillow that works best for you.