Side Sleeper

What is a Comfortable Pillow For a Side Sleeper?

Choosing the most comfortable pillow for you often seems to be challenging. Everyone has a preferred way to sleep and it is important to get a pillow that is intended for your sleep style while remaining comfortable. A side sleeper requires a pillow that protects and supports their neck and head by keeping them in alignment. A pillow for side sleepers can help keep their airways open during sleep, decrease acid reflux, and reduce pain in the back and neck. A comfortable pillow for a side sleeper is firm and thick. A pillow for side sleepers should keep your spine aligned.

What may be surprising is that the fill in the pillow is not as important for a side sleeper. It can have anything inside it, as long as it is supportive and thick. For someone that knows they are a restless sleeper, they may want a pillow that is a little more plush and is easy to change shape. For the side sleeper that stays in one place all night, a memory foam may be best because it provides the support to keep the head in one position all night. One thing that anyone looking for a new pillow should pay attention to is the care instructions of a pillow they want to buy. Some pillows are not able to be washed. Some pillows have a cover that can be washed, but the pillow cannot. For someone that suffered from allergies, they want a pillow that is completely washable. Memory foam is not typically machine washable.

Some pillows are reversible, which means they are quilted on one side for warmth and the other side stays cooler to help maintain body temperature during sleep. Some pillows have inserts between the layers that are removable to allow height adjustment to keep the head and neck in alignment. Most pillows come in three different sizes, which are standard, queen, and king. Some pillows are larger than others so it is important to pay attention to the size. The pillows can be filled with many different items, including down, latex, shredded latex, polyester, memory foam, and shredded memory foam.